12 Email Hosting Companies To Use In 2023

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12 Email Hosting Companies To Use In 2023

Email hosting is a critical aspect of any business’s digital communication strategy. Given the market’s abundance of possibilities, choosing the right email hosting provider can take time and effort. A reliable email hosting service should offer secure and efficient email delivery, a user-friendly interface, robust spam filters, and reliable customer support.

In 2023, businesses must stay updated with the latest email hosting trends and technologies to maintain their competitive edge. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 12 top email hosting companies to use in 2023. These companies have been chosen based on their features, pricing, reliability, and customer support. Whether you run a small or big business, these email hosting providers will help you communicate efficiently and securely with your clients and employees.

What features ought an email hosting company have?

An email hosting company should offer a range of features to ensure efficient and secure email communication. Some of the essential features to look for in an email hosting company include the following:

  1. Reliable Email Delivery: The email hosting company should have a high uptime rate, ensuring that emails are delivered promptly and reliably.
  2. Robust Spam Filters: The company should have effective spam filters to keep unwanted emails from cluttering your inbox.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: It should be simple to prepare, send, and manage emails using the email hosting company’s user-friendly interface.
  4. Customizable Email Addresses: The email hosting company should allow you to create custom email addresses that reflect your brand, such as info@yourcompany.com.
  5. Advanced Security: The email hosting company should provide advanced security measures like encryption and two-factor authentication to protect your email data from hackers and cyber threats.
  6. Large Email Attachments: The email hosting company should allow large email attachments to be sent and received, making it easier to share files and collaborate with colleagues.
  7. Reliable Customer Support: The email hosting company should provide reliable customer support to assist with any issues or questions that may arise.

An email hosting company should provide a seamless email experience that meets your business’s needs and helps you communicate effectively with your clients and employees.

12 Email Hosting Companies In 2023

  • Google Workspace:

Google Workspace is a popular email hosting provider offering robust features, including 30GB of storage, custom email domains, and spam protection.

Google Workspace
Google Workspace
  • Microsoft 365:

 A comprehensive email hosting service that includes email, calendaring, and online storage with 1TB of space per user.

Microsoft 365
  • Zoho Mail:

Zoho Mail is a secure and reliable email hosting provider with advanced security features, including two-factor authentication and encryption.

  • ProtonMail:

 A privacy-focused email hosting provider that uses end-to-end encryption to ensure secure email communication.

  • FastMail:

FastMail is a reliable email hosting provider offering customizable email addresses, powerful spam filters, and easy-to-use webmail and mobile apps.

  • Rackspace Email:

Rackspace Email is a cost-effective email hosting provider offering scalable solutions, including unlimited storage and email archiving.

Rackspace Email
Rackspace Email
  • Amazon WorkMail:

 A secure and easy-to-use email hosting service that integrates with existing email clients, including Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail.

Amazon WorkMail
Amazon WorkMail
  • Intermedia Exchange Email: 

Intermedia Exchange Email is a feature-rich email hosting provider offering advanced email security, unlimited storage, and 24/7 customer support.

Intermedia Exchange Email
Intermedia Exchange Email
  • HostGator Email Hosting:

 A reliable email hosting service that offers customizable email domains, spam protection, and email archiving.

HostGator Email Hosting
HostGator Email Hosting
  • Bluehost Email Hosting:

 A user-friendly email hosting provider that offers unlimited email accounts, email forwarding, and spam protection.

Bluehost Email Hosting
Bluehost Email Hosting
  • DreamHost Email Hosting:

 A robust email hosting provider that offers customizable email domains, spam protection, and unlimited email accounts.

DreamHost Email Hosting
DreamHost Email Hosting
  • Namecheap Email Hosting:

 A budget-friendly email hosting provider that offers customizable email domains, spam protection, and reliable customer support.

Namecheap Email Hosting
Namecheap Email Hosting

Different Email Hosting Types for Small Businesses

Small businesses have various email hosting options, each with benefits and drawbacks. Some of the most popular email hosting options for small businesses are listed below:

  1. Shared Email Hosting – This is a cost-effective option where multiple businesses share the same email server. While affordable, it may have limited features and may not be the most secure option.
  2. Dedicated Email Hosting – This is a more secure option where a single business has its dedicated email server. It offers greater control and customization but can be more expensive.
  3. Cloud-Based Email Hosting – This flexible and scalable option allows businesses to access email servers remotely via the cloud. It offers greater accessibility and is ideal for businesses with remote workers.
  4. Self-Hosted Email Hosting – This is an option where businesses host their email servers in-house. It offers greater control and customization but can be costly and requires technical expertise.
  5. Managed Email Hosting – This is a fully managed option where a third-party provider manages the email servers on behalf of the business. It offers convenience and support but can be more expensive.

Small businesses should consider their budget, security requirements, scalability, and technical expertise when selecting an email hosting type. Choosing a provider with reliable customer support and backup options is essential to ensure business continuity.

Is email hosting available with Microsoft 365?

Yes, email hosting is available with Microsoft 365. Email hosting is one of the key features of Microsoft 365, a comprehensive suite of cloud-based productivity tools that includes email, calendaring, online storage, and collaboration tools. Microsoft 365 includes Exchange Online, a hosted email service that allows businesses to use their domain name for email addresses and access a range of features such as shared calendars, contacts, and tasks. Microsoft 365 also includes Microsoft Outlook, a powerful email client with various tools for managing email, contacts, and calendars. Overall, Microsoft 365 provides a robust and reliable email hosting solution for businesses of all sizes.

What is the most professional email domain?

The sort of business and the sector it operates in determine the most professional email domain. Generally speaking, a business’s brand should be reflected in the professional email domain and be simple to remember and spell. Using a custom domain name, such as yourname@yourbusiness.com, is often seen as more professional than using a generic email domain, such as Gmail or Yahoo. A custom domain name demonstrates that the business is established and takes its brand seriously.

However, some businesses may use a domain name that reflects their industry or location, such as .law, .doctor, or .nyc. It helps establish the business’s credibility and expertise in a particular area.

Ultimately, the most professional email domain is customized to the business’s brand and reflects its values and professionalism. It should be easy to remember and spell, and it should help establish the business’s credibility and expertise in its industry.


In the end, the 12 email hosting companies listed above offer a range of features and pricing options to suit the needs of small and large businesses alike. Businesses have various options, from popular providers like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 to more specialized options like ProtonMail and Zoho Mail. When selecting an email hosting provider, it is essential to consider factors like security, customization, scalability, and customer support to find the best provider for your business’s needs.




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