AM2023x: Where Innovation Meets Industry


AM2023x: Where Innovation Meets Industry

Come and see the future at AM2023x, the big event for 3D printing. It is where smart people in the industry meet to talk about the newest things. They show us new materials, incredible machines, and how 3D printing is amazingly used. It’s the place to learn about what’s next in 3D printing. Get ready for groundbreaking ideas, the latest tech, and chances to work together to make the future of our industries.

What is AM2023x?

AM2023x is a big event about 3D printing. It’s the most important event in this field. People smart about 3D printing come together to discuss what’s new.

At AM2023x, they talk about many things. They show new stuff like unique materials and the latest machines. They also show how 3D printing is used in remarkable ways. And they talk about what might happen in the future for 3D printing.

AM2023x Tracks and Sessions

AM2023x is your gateway to the additive manufacturing world. We cover it all:

AM Technologies: Metal, Polymer, Hybrid, and more.

– AM Materials: New developments, testing, and selection.

– AM Applications: Aerospace, automotive, medical devices, and more.

– AM Trends: Sustainability, supply chains, and the future.

Join us for expert keynotes, networking, and a glimpse into the future of 3D printing. Take advantage of this immersive AM experience!

Event Highlights

At AM2023x, we’re here to make your experience unique and easy to understand:

Exciting Talks and Ideas:

We’ve invited intelligent people to tell you interesting things. They will share what’s new and what the future might look like in 3D printing.

Learning Made Fun:

We’ll help you learn about 3D printing in a fun way. You can participate in sessions and activities with experts to understand how 3D printing works.

Meeting New Friends:

At our social events, you can meet new people. It’s a great chance to connect with others passionate about 3D printing.

Explore Cool Stuff:

There’s an area where you can see and touch the latest 3D printing machines and materials. It’s like a fun playground for technology.

And there’s more! We have special activities like poster displays, contests for students, and help with finding a job. AM2023x is where you can have a unique and enjoyable experience in 3D printing. Take it!

Why should you go to M2023x?

 Well, here are some excellent reasons:

Learn New Things: Understand about recent concepts and innovations in 3D printing.

Meet Smart People: You can meet and talk to the experts who know a lot about 3D printing.

See Cool Stuff: You can see amazing things people make with 3D printing.

Get Inspired: The potential of 3D printing for the future can excite you.

The M2023x platform allows you to participate in the development of 3D printing while also being inspired by others’ innovative concepts and unique endeavors. 

Keynotes and Featured Speakers

You can learn from some knowledgeable 3D printing professionals at AM2023x. They will be there to discuss the most recent advancements and trends in 3D printing. These specialists are pioneers in their professions.

 For instance, Dr. Sarah Hudson-Smith, CEO of Additive Industries, will share her perspectives on the future of 3D printing. Mr. Markforged, the CEO of Markforged, will introduce innovative 3D printing solutions. The chief executive of Wohlers Associates, Inc., Dr. Michael Wohlers, will discuss how 3D printing alters various sectors. To improve 3D printing, Dr. Debby Rosencrance, Director of the NIST Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence, will share information. 

Dr. Brent Stucker, Director of Texas A&M University’s Additive Manufacturing Research Centre, will also speak to go over the most recent 3D printing research. These are only a few of the many outstanding speakers you’ll encounter at AM2023x, and they’re here to explain and motivate you about the world of 3D printing.

Networking and Social Events

Networking and Social Events
Networking and Social Events

AM2023x isn’t just about learning; it’s about connecting. Our welcome reception is your warm introduction to fellow attendees and industry experts. The exhibitor reception gets you up close with the latest 3D printing tech. Students have their hangouts to meet peers and professionals. Job seekers can explore opportunities at the job fair. We also have fun gatherings like dinners and parties for relaxation and networking. Join us for a unique experience that blends learning with building valuable connections.


 What’s the difference between additive manufacturing and 3D printing?

 Additive manufacturing (AM) is the big category that includes making 3D objects from digital models by adding material in layers. 3D printing is a type of AM that uses different ways to put material in thin layers to make an object.

Why use additive manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing has good things about it, like letting you make tricky shapes that are hard or impossible with regular making. It also doesn’t waste much material; you can create custom stuff without costly tools or setups.

 What’s tricky for the additive manufacturing business?

Additive manufacturing is still new and has some issues before it can be used everywhere. One problem is cost – it’s expensive for certain things. It can also be slow for big orders. Plus, not all materials work well with AM, and the stuff made this way can differ based on how it’s made.

What’s next for additive manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing is growing fast, and cool things are happening. We’re making more quickly, cheaper, and more precise AM methods. New materials are also coming up, which work for different jobs. More industries are using AM, like aerospace, cars, and medicine.

What can you learn at AM2023x?

AM2023x is where you can learn all about additive manufacturing. We discuss the latest AM tech and materials, show you fancy ways to use AM, and discuss what’s next. You can also meet other people who like AM and get inspired by the cool things happening in the AM world.


Lastly, AM2023x is a fantastic chance to get excited about the incredible ideas that are changing the future of AM. You’ll see super-advanced AM tech and how it’s changing how things get designed and made. Plus, you can meet other pros in the field, like researchers, engineers, and business folks. It’s your shot to learn new things, make friends, and find partners for your projects.

If you’re serious about AM, AM2023x is a must-do. It’s where you can learn, develop, and connect with those laying the foundation for our industry’s future. Please don’t skip it!


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