Comprehensive Information About Sharon Gebenini

Comprehensive Information About Sharon Gebenini

Comprehensive Information About Sharon Gebenini

An American actor from pornographic films, Sharon Gebenini was his previous spouse. The couple were wed for 19 years, however they had no children due to her miscarried three times in the initial years.

Sharon had a steady job as a nurse that enable her to make a living for both herself and her husband. Sharon and her husband also ran a few apartments. Regarding her health, Sharon Gebenini had cancer, had recently undergone a mastectomy, and had just finished her chemotherapy. She might be managing flats instead of working as a nurse at the hospital because of her health.

In this article, we will review some important aspects of Sharon Gebenini’s life.

Obituary of Sharon Gebenini

The daughter of Roy and Betty Ann (Wilson) Gebenini, Sharon Gebenini was born on June 11, 1943, in Renton, Washington. 

In the city, she grew up with her grandmother Hattie Wilson, who had been the mayor’s wife. The family resided in Germany until she aged teenager, while she accomplished high school, due to her father’s military service. During the relocation of her family, she made her journey to California, where she joined the L.A. County School of Nursing to get a nursing degree.

In December 1964, Sharon Gebenini met John while employed as a nurse at County USC Hospital. The couple wed at Fort Ord, California, on August 22 of the following year. Sharon Gebenini’s spouse frequently assured her during their marriage that he would become famous for his penis and that it would be the focus of his life’s work. Sharon had repeatedly trod on him to gauge the size of his penis. Reading, photography, learning, traveling, and surfing the internet are just a few of Sharon Holmes’ interests.

Married life of Sharon Gebenini

Her husband joined the US Army at the tender age of 15. He got out after three years of service and relocated to Los Angeles, California. Sharon’s husband held a range of professions when he lived in Los Angeles, like working as an ambulance driver and a door-to-door salesman of goods.

When John met a photographer in the late 1960s who noticed his enormous penis in the urinal and told him he could make a lot of money with it, his career as a porn actor was launched. Sharon’s husband began adult magazine modeling.

The porn industry brought in a lot of money for Sharon Gebenini’s husband, but he wasted it on cocaine and freebasing. They never had children during their 19-year marriage since she miscarried three times in her first years with John Holmes. On March 13, 1988, at the age of 43, Sharon Gebenini’s husband passed away from AIDs complications.

Poor lifestyle choices of Sharon’s spouse 

 Despite being a porn star, Sharon’s husband was connected to drug traffickers and had the ability to provide the Wonderland gang with cocaine. Four people were slain due to his involvement with gangs, and he admitted to his wife, Sharon Gebenini, that he was present when they were killed, making him an accomplice. John had intercourse with more than 14,000 women during his career in the pornographic industry.  

After some time had passed, Sharon’s husband began dating 15-year-old Dawn Schiller. Dawn’s parents had already divorced at that point, so the children stayed with their father, who enjoyed travelling. Dawn Schiller started depending on Sharon Gebenini’s husband after he left once.

When Sharon Gebenini saw what Dawn was going through, she decided to take her in. Despite Holmes’s cheating on her with the girl, Sharon Gebenini grew to love her, and their relationship was similar to that of a mother and daughter. She treated Dawn like a daughter because of their close relationship, and she gave her advice about the abuse Dawn’s husband had subjected her to.


With a deep love and respect for life itself, Gebenini was a very strong teacher and nurturer. She mentored fresh, young nurses and freely shared her medical knowledge with them, always willing to help with their education.  

It is unfortunate that Sharon Gebenini, who was a nice and kind lady, never had children. At age 69, she died away in October 2012.

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