Gum Wrapper Heart

How to Make a Gum Wrapper Heart?

Gum wrapper hearts are a popular and creative way to show someone you care. These small and intricate hearts are made from folded gum wrappers, a simple yet thoughtful gesture suitable for giving to anyone you love or appreciate. They are also fun and easy craft project for kids and adults alike.

To make a gum wrapper heart, you only need a few gum wrappers, some patience, and a little creativity. While it may seem daunting initially, with some practice and guidance, you can create a beautiful and unique heart that will impress you.

In this article, we will guide you through making a gum wrapper heart step-by-step so that you can surprise your loved ones with a heartfelt and handmade gift. Whether you want to make a simple yet sweet gesture or add a personal touch to a special occasion, a gum wrapper heart makes a great gift.

What does the gum wrapper heart mean?

The meaning of a gum wrapper heart can vary depending on the context in which it is given or received.

An original and enjoyable approach to show someone you care about them is occasionally to make a gum wrapper heart. A thoughtful and labor-intensive handmade present is one option.

In other cases, a gum wrapper heart may symbolize a deeper meaning, such as a declaration of love or a sign of commitment. It can be a sentimental gesture representing a special moment or memory shared between two people.

Overall, the meaning of a gum wrapper heart is subjective and can be interpreted differently based on personal experiences and relationships.

List of Materials to Make a Gum Wrapper Heart

To make a gum wrapper heart, you will need the following:

  • Gum wrappers: 

You will need at least 10 to 12 gum wrappers to make a small heart and more if you want an enormous heart.

  • Scissors: 

You will need a pair of scissors to cut the gum wrappers into the right shape and size.

  • Glue: 

To hold the gum wrappers together, you’ll need a glue stick or another type of adhesive.

  • Ruler:

 You may find it helpful to use a ruler to measure the size of the gum wrappers and ensure your heart is symmetrical.

  • Pencil:

 You can use a pencil to mark the gum wrappers before cutting them or to make any adjustments as you go.

  • Optional: 

If you want to add colour or decoration to your gum wrapper heart, use markers or coloured pencils to draw on the wrappers before folding and glueing them together.

Step by Step instructions to Make a Gum Wrapper Heart

Sure, here are the step-by-step instructions to make a gum wrapper heart:

  • Collect gum wrappers: 

Collect 10-12 gum wrappers of the same size and colour.

  • Fold the gum wrappers: 

Fold each in half lengthwise, with the printed side facing inward.

  • Cut the wrappers: 

Cut the folded gum wrappers into rectangular strips about 1 inch in width.

  • Fold the strips: 

Fold one of the rectangular strips in half to form a V shape. Then, fold each side of the V shape to meet the bottom edge, creating a triangular shape. Repeat this step with all of the rectangular strips.

  • Glue the triangles together: 

Take two triangular shapes and apply glue to the bottom edges. Press them together at the base to create a heart shape. Repeat this step with the remaining triangles until you have a whole heart.

  • Secure the heart:.

 Use glue to secure the outer edges of the heart together.

  • Add finishing touches: 

If desired, add decoration or colour to your gum wrapper heart using markers or coloured pencils.

Your gum wrapper heart is now complete! You can use it as a decoration, gift, or keepsake.

How Do you Draw a Heart for Beginners?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to draw a heart for beginners:

  1. Draw a small horizontal line in the centre of your paper. This line will be the base of your heart.
  2. Draw two half circles on each side of the horizontal line, starting from the centre and curving outward. These will be at the top of your heart.
  3. Draw two more half circles on the bottom of the horizontal line, starting from the centre and curving downward. These will be the bottom of your heart.
  4. Connect the two sides of your heart by drawing two straight lines connecting each half circle’s bottom.
  5. Erase any guidelines or extra lines that you don’t need.
  6. Shade in your heart if desired.

These simple steps allow you to draw a basic heart shape that is perfect for beginners. With some practice, you can experiment with different styles and variations to create your unique heart designs.


To conclude, making a gum wrapper heart is a fun and simple DIY project that anyone can do. You can create a beautiful and unique heart-shaped decoration or gift with just a few basic materials, such as gum wrappers, scissors, glue, a ruler, and a pencil. 

By folding, cutting, and glueing the gum wrappers together, you can create a stunning and meaningful piece of art that can represent affection, appreciation, or even love. Whether you want to make a gum wrapper heart for yourself or as a special gift for someone else, this project is a great way to showcase your creativity and show someone that you care.


What is a gum mask?

A gum mask is a facial mask made from the gum or chewing gum. This mask is usually made by heating up a small amount of chewing gum until it becomes pliable, then applying it to the face in a thin layer. Once the gum has dried and hardened, it is peeled off in a process similar to other types of facial masks.

What is the tape gum called?

The tape gum commonly used in stationery and office supplies is called “adhesive tape” or simply “tape”. Adhesive tape is a strip of material, usually made from plastic or paper, with a sticky substance on one side, allowing it to adhere to surfaces. It is commonly used for various purposes, such as wrapping gifts, attaching papers, and sealing packages.


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