What Do You Know About Flushing Queens?

Flushing Queens

What Do You Know About Flushing Queens?

The events occur in New York City through the renowned professional blended grappling management Flushing Queens. The BKLYN Bowl in Brooklyn, New York, possessed its premier Event, “Battle for Brooklyn,” on September 15, 2017. Their second Event, “2nd Annual Battle for Brooklyn 2,” occurred on October 13, 2018, at The BKLYN Bowl in Brooklyn, New York. Jimmy Burchfield and Johnny Smith own Flushing Queens. Jimmy Burchfield is the company’s president, and Johnny Smith is the vice president.

Flushing Queens 

Flushing Queens is a reputable mixed martial arts organization in New York City. They are the only MMA organization and the first to hold events in New York City; they have thus far held two successful events.

Jimmy Burchfield and Johnny Smith, owners of the NXL (National Wrestling League), Xtreme Fighting Championships (XFC), and several other organizations, are the company’s owners.

First Event, “Battle for Brooklyn” 

On September 15, 2017, the Flushing Queens held its first Event at The BKLYN Bowl in Brooklyn, New York. The Event was held in a friendly tone and featured many different events, including a rock climbing wall and dodgeball tournament.

Second Event, “2nd Annual Battle for Brooklyn 2”

Flushing Queens is a professional MMA organization based in New York City. It was founded by Johnny Smith and Jimmy Burchfield, two former professionals who decided to start their organization after spending years as amateur fighters.

The first Event they produced, “Flushing Queens: Battle for Brooklyn,” occurred on June 3, 2019, at The BKLYN Bowl in Brooklyn, New York. The Event featured eight professional fighters competing against each other in one-on-one bouts or team competition matches (like MMA).

Flushing Queens: Battle for Brooklyn

Each fight lasted no longer than two minutes and was scored by three judges who gave each competitor an overall score out of ten Performance-based points for their bout’s duration. Meanwhile how much damage they caused their opponent when hitting them with punches/kicks/elbows etcetera throughout battle conditions such as distance between combatants being close enough.

so that both participants could see clearly what happens next without having any problems recognizing each other’s movements; making it easy for either person involved whether male or female because there wouldn’t be any distractions whatsoever–just pure excitement!

Who Owns Flushing Queens?

Jimmy Burchfield and Johnny Smith own Flushing Queen. Johnny is the organization’s vice president, and Jimmy Burchfield manages it as president.

Jimmy Burchfield, a native of New York City, occupies the position of the company’s president. The Big Gay Dance Party and NYC Pride are two events he has created that have been successful during his many years of involvement in the events sector. Johnny Smith serves as vice president of Flushing Queens, which also helps to run the Event along with other staff members.

Both men based themselves out of New York until they started working together at a local bar called The Continental Room in 2015. Both men were just starting their careers as event producers/promoters/event organizers.

Flushing Queens is a Professional MMA Organization 

Flushing Queens is a professional MMA organization based in New York City, and they have produced two successful events so far. Their owners are renowned fighters in their own right, Jimmy Burchfield and Johnny Smith.

The first competition, held occurred on December 12, 2018, at the Barclay Centre arena in Brooklyn, comprised skilled competitors like Paulo Costa (2-0) and Brodie Farhood (1-1), along with up-and-coming talent like Brendan O’Reilly (0-0). More than 5,000 people went to the Event!

The second Event took place just over a month later, on January 23 2019, at Barclays Center Arena again. But this time with additional fights added to the main card, including one between Jeremy Jackson vs Mike Ford, which ended in a draw after three rounds due to injury during round one causing Mike Ford to vacate his title belt for safety reasons; however “The Messiah” got revenge later on when he beat Jonny Bingham via decision victory!


We sincerely hope you liked learning about Flushing Queens and its past. Building their brand and entering new areas has been a big success for them. We eagerly await their future actions!


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