What exactly is a narcissist? Narcissistic Symptoms

What exactly is a narcissist? Narcissistic Symptoms
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What exactly is a narcissist? Narcissistic Symptoms

Narcissists are an elusive breed, especially when it comes to identifying them. Some people may think a narcissist is vain or self-centred, but that’s not entirely true. The critical difference between a narcissist and someone with a high opinion of himself lies in how they treat others and make decisions based on their preferences rather than what’s best for everyone involved. If you’re wondering what exactly makes up this type of personality disorder, I’ll help shed light on its symptoms—and how to spot one if you ever come across one!

Self-absorbed, the narcissist

Narcissists don’t care about other people’s feelings, and they don’t see their actions as having an impact on others. They don’t care if you’re hurt or angry because their needs come first, whether to feel good about themselves or meet their agenda.

They are selfish and don’t care about anyone else; they only consider themselves important enough to focus on satisfying their desires over anything else!

Grandiose sense of self-worth in the narcissist 

The narcissist has a superb sense of self-worth. He believes he is special and unique, which makes him feel superior to others in every way. The narcissist is a megalomaniac who thinks he can do no wrong, but this often leads him to make inappropriate demands on others (such as unlimited resources or special treatment).

Narcissists think they are better than others and entitled to get whatever they want from life without giving anything back, even if it means hurting others along the way! For example: “I deserve my private jet because I’m so important!” Or “My friends should always treat me well.”

Relationship issues can result from this way of thinking because it is unfair for one person’s needs or desires to be satisfied at the expense of another. However, some people may be content with always getting their way because they think that if someone else tries hard enough, everything will eventually go their way. 

Narcissists demand admiration and adoration.

narcissist is someone who craves admiration and adoration. They need to be the centre of attention, admired and celebrated. The narcissist will become so obsessed with being the best that they may develop an inability to tolerate criticism or failure. It can lead to a severe lack of empathy for other people’s feelings or needs because the narcissist doesn’t feel like they deserve it.

Narcissists generally have low self-esteem, but this does not mean you are wrong if you do not fit all these traits!

Narcissist’s callous and nasty nature

The narcissist can be callous to others, even to the point of criminality. They may use deception or manipulation to get what they want. They may constantly lie, even if it’s apparent that they are lying. The narcissist also has no empathy for others, not even their children–and this behaviour is likely to continue into adulthood!

The narcissist is a pathological liar who uses words like “I love you” as an empty formality while planning on betraying you at some point (and maybe even sooner than later). However, when someone eventually stands up for themselves against such abuse from one so powerful in today’s society, it’s typically too late because there will be no turning back from this scenario once it gets out of hand. Narcissists frequently blame others for their failings or failures.

Narcissists’ nature is arrogant and haughty.

You may wonder, “What’s the difference between a narcissist and an arrogant person?”

The answer is simple: The narcissist is arrogant and haughty but without any natural substance behind it. They are as gorgeous and less clever as they believe themselves to be. There is no genuine substance at all–just ego and self-delusion (narcissist believes that their opinions on everything are correct).

The attention-seeking nature of Narcissists

Narcissists are typically very charismatic, which is why they can be so good at making you feel like the most important person in their lives. They love attention and admiration and will often be the centre of attention at parties or gatherings.

It may lead you to believe that narcissists are naturally charming people who don’t need to work much on their interpersonal skills! However, this isn’t true–narcissists often have difficulty forming healthy relationships with others due to their lack of empathy for others’ feelings (hence why they’re also known as “emotionally unavailable“). Because narcissism is not just about being self-centred, it’s also about having an inflated sense of worthiness that leads one down a path towards egotistical behaviour such as arrogance or entitlement (which we’ll discuss later).


Knowing what to do after being damaged by a narcissist might be challenging. You’re not to blame; it’s just how these folks are.

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